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About Us

The Rixos Group has experienced substantial growth over recent years as a direct result of dynamic, flexible and proactive strategic management.



Provide uniquely authentic services and experiences; engaging guests of all ages to create memorable journeys in our hotels & resorts.


To be best-in-class international operators: a first choice for all stakeholders in our resorts, as well as city hotels that leverage our brand.


To provide unique experiences to guests of all ages that exceed traditional hospitality expectations and go beyond imagination.


  • A Culture of Excellence We aim to meet the highest expectations of our guests through teamwork, empowerment, and accountability.
  • Authenticity in Service We value genuine hospitality that comes from the heart, creating an intimate and inviting atmosphere for our guests.
  • Integrity We appreciate those around us and act on what is right without expecting anything in return.
  • Emotional Intelligence We empathize and interpret ambiguous or unfamiliar gestures, understanding that each guest holds unique wishes and desires.
  • Curiosity for Learning We shape the knowledge of young people by sparking their innate inquisitiveness.
  • Family Dynamic We deliver a wholesome experience that engages the family and fosters learning and entertainment for the younger generation.
  • Global Citizenship We actively contribute to both the local and global communities by recognizing that we are united by our similarities and differences.


  • Entertainers by Nature Beyond the comfort of the hotel room, we aim to make our guest live in the moment through unique entertainment that revolves around creating unforgettable experiences.
  • Rebels at Heart We refuse to conform our thinking to traditional expectations. We are people who constantly challenge the status quo.
  • Entrepreneur-minded We take calculated risks through employing out-of-the-box strategy.
  • Innovative We strive to move beyond convention and challenge traditional thinking, delivering niche products and services.


  • Owing to the fact that we are privately owned, the strategy throughout is based on long-term vision, and one focused on organically growing enterprise-value through operational excellence and robust portfolio growth.
  • While having attained sustainable maturity in our home markets, we continue to expand across new borders, with a balance of 70% resorts and 30% hotels, and a portfolio that aims to grow in proportion to these ratios.
  • Adopting a multi-pronged approach to our strategy, Rixos drives its avant-garde concepts and uniquely Turkish touches to boldly move into new frontiers of hospitality, while also ensuring operational excellence in its existing portfolio.
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